So,what is the Townhouse and what is it eaten with?This is the exclusive type of accomodation in the area of "Manhattan"!

In the segment of housing property of Prykarpattia region a pretty new concept townhouse is often heard,but for the Ukrainian construction market it is already usual for a long period of time. Let us understand what it is about.First of all townhouse is considered to be an intermediate variant between a multy-storey block of flats and a private cottage.The format of such apartment provides accomodation for several families, where each one has a seperate entrance from the street,a small piece of ground and a garage. To buy townhouse means to economize greatly,because it is cheaper than an apartment in the centre or a cottage in the suburb of the city.The also known advantage is that they are built near recreational areas, the accent is on the naturalness of the district.That is why the townhouses are chosen mostly by the young families.Especially attracts the opportunity to bring up children further from noisy areas,there are not so much smog and there is fast access to the river or to the park.

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