Modern lifts in the Manhattan district houses

The buildings of the modern district  Manhattan will use the elevators of the OTIS model Gen2-Premier MRL.

The combination of innovative technology, reliability, comfort, energy efficiency, safety and quality is about the elite OTIS elevators of the Gen2-Premier MRL model. Otis is the world's first safe elevator! In Manhattan District buildings, lifts with a carrying capacity of 630 kg (8 passengers) are provided, and two lifts will be located in the Smart-house. Their lifting capacity is 630 and 450 kg., Speed ​​- 1 m / s.The facade and the door of elevator are made of high quality stainless steel.The maximum safety is ensured by the Pulse ™ system, which monitors the condition of the steel ropes in the polyurethane strap round-the-clock and informs the service staff. The elevator uses a flexible, polyurethane pulling strap, reinforced with steel ropes, which ensures smooth and silent movement of the cabin. A compact gearless winch will provide a high level of comfort of trips with exceptional accuracy stopping of the cab and does not require grease, which pollutes the environment. 

PS.The elevators of this manufacturer are installed even in the Eiffel Tower!
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