Smart-apartment - reasonable economy for different types of families.

Smart-flats is a Studio- apartments with a small space (40 sqm), where there is no blind area and each square meter is the most functional.

Smart-apartment has a kitchen, living room and bedroom. That is, with a meter of one-room apartment you get a functional two-room. This housing format is extremely popular nowadays. Cities - millionaires - a striking example of this. 

The analytical center of the company "Blago" has investigated, what are the main advantages of this format of accommodation for different types of families.

First we find out: who most often buys smart-apartments. Investigations show that smart-apartments are in great demand among single people, young families and people who have reached retirement age. 

Unmarried people choose such housing for its functionality, simplicity and low cost. Buying a smart-apartment for many of them is a good alternative to a standard one-room apartment. This is explained by the optimal and comfortable planning of these apartments. It is also a great plus to save time and money when arranging  home improvements. Free planning allows for a very short period of time to prepare an apartment for a comfortable stay.

As for young families, their choice falls on smart-housing due to the thoughtfulness of every square meter. This, as a rule, is taken care by the architects of the builder. Their job is to do everything possible to set up the most functional space. As a result, the house does not have any areas that are not used. 

Now many families that have reached retirement age also need to buy a smart-apartment. This segment of buyers is attracting: affordable cost and savings on utilities.  The compact apartment is easily heated and does not require high energy consumption.

 You can buy smart-apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk  in the Manhattan area. Here, modern houses with smart homes of one- and two-room planning are being built.