Smart-apartments is a novelty in the real estate market of Ivano-Frankivsk.

What is the format of housing and what are its advantages? The business manager of company "Blago" tells to press-service of local MASS-MEDIA Roman Korzhak.

- Mr. Roman, for sure, many Ivano-Frankivsk people are very interested in what is Smart-apartments?

- It is a long-recognized and very popular housing format in the cities-millionaires.  In Ivano-Frankivsk, this format of housing is first introduced in the modern district of Manhattan, which is a project of the company "Blago". Smart is the optimal area and maximum functionality. Their area is not large, but due to reasonable,the most perfect planning you get an apartment without deaf zones. Each square meter of apartment provides comfortable conditions and plays an important role in the organization of living space. In the modern district ''​​Manhattan'', Smart-apartments with an area of ​​40, 42, 48 and 62m2 are provided. This is a one-room apartment area.  But due to the enumerated innovations, you get a kitchen, living room and bedroom. That is, the whole functionality of a two-room apartment.In addition, a significant advantage of this format of housing is high energy efficiency.

- Energy efficiency in our time is very urgent! Please tell us more in detail.

- Compact and thoughtful planning - that's what lies behind one of the secrets. It is much easier to heat an apartment with a small area than large apartment. Smart-apartment has a functional two-room apartment, but an area of ​​one-room. In the two-room apartmen there are many deaf zones that are not used, but they are heated.

- Therefore, due to the compactness and use of all areas, Smart-apartment owners save on monthly utility bills, but not on the comfort and functionality of their home. - That is, the energy efficiency of Smart-apartments is only in the optimal size?

- Of course not. We will achieve the maximum result by using energy-efficient building materials. For the construction of exterior walls we use ceramic blocks. To warm them we will use mineral wool.  Also, from the point of view of energy efficiency, it is very correct to use a modern roofing boiler room. Well, of course, we will install quality windows. We are very careful about energy efficiency issues. That's why everything is at the highest level here.

- It very praiseworthily. But the difference is not clear to everyone. Tell me, please, what materials are used in the construction of the vast majority of houses in Ivano-Frankivsk?

- In most cases, bricks and foam plastic are used. As far as I know, in Ivano-Frankivsk, a roofing boiler room is not used in any residential building.  In this regard, the difference turns out to be great, both in terms of energy efficiency and in terms of environmental and safety of housing.

- Is it possible to conclude that Smart-apartments are a modern and energy-efficient housing format?

- Yes you're right. When they are built, the latest concepts of the organization of living space are used, as well as the most quality building materials. Smart-apartments are always comfortable, warm, and utility bills are pleasantly surprised.