Housing complex or a separate house. Where is it better to buy an apartment?

When there is a need to purchase a new home, there is immediately a set of questions related to whether it will justify all necessities of his owner.

Ukrainian person building offer to the customer both separate houses and housing complexes that is erected in a few turns with the stage-by-stage handing over in exploitation.It seemed that the difference between them is in the time frame of construction. 

Analytical Center "Blago" has investigated whether it is so.

Researches show that for a customer now a significant role in the choice of apartment has not the price  but the availability of the entire infrastructure for a comfortable life and some new buildings clearly lose herein before residential complexes. Choosing area for apartment building, the developer seeks to minimize costs and often, the issues of transport and infrastructure remain “behind the scenes”. So if your choice is still fell to a separate new building,  it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the planning and to explore the location in detail before buying.

Special attention should be paid to the availability of Parking. In some projects of such format it may not be foreseen, and if you have a car, you will have to park on either the sidewalk or in the neighboring yards. It is advisable to prepare in advance for the fact that from the entire infrastructure in the adjoining territory there will be only a small playground.

As for housing complexes,which provides for the construction of several blocks of multi-apartment buildings, the builder undertakes to take care of all the necessary conditions for future residents.

Modern housing complexes offer the  availability of playgrounds and sports grounds, underground and surface Parking, landscaped area for walking and recreation, including parks. Also, some builders involve the construction of kindergartens, which is an additional incentive for buyers when choosing a new home.

For example, to buy an apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk with all existing infrastructure is possible in a small town "Soborne" and housing complex "Park Avenue", which are located next to the main highways of the city.

So, weighing all pros and cons, choosing a home that suits your needs will be much easier.