Smart housing is the most popular demand in the real estate market.

Apartments of the present or the future?

he demand for housing in the last year has started to increase, but the purchasing power of Ukrainians doesn't coccupy high position. Everybody cannot allow to buy an apartment of a large area nowadays.  Instead, more and more requests began to come for new smart apartments. For 2 years they continue to win the real estate market.The difference between a smart apartment and a standard is immediately noticeable at the design stage.Smart apartments do not have long rooms with incomprehensible corners and unobtrusive areas. More often it is possible to meet panoramic windows along all facade in such apartments.  In Europe, smart house is not a novelty for a long time. It is often chosen by pragmatists who want compactness and convenience in everyday life.  In opinion of experts, in the nearest years in Ukraine the number of owners of such apartments will also increase. The obvious advantage of smart house over a standard is free planning. Its bearing constructions are "hidden" in the  basic framework  of a residential building and do not affect mobility and functionality. Another important role is played by the the sizes of the purchased apartment . The zoning of the apartment depends on them.Smart apartments in Ivano-Fankivsk ere designed by an area from 40 sq. m.This offer is now available in the new Manhattan district.Who buys such home?

Today the most apartment of format of smart is bought exactly by young people.At the same time,elderly people successfully become the owners of the functional apartments.Last example is, mainly, related to the necessity of sale of the former accommodation. In other words, to become the owner of smart apartments can everyone, independently on age. As encouragement and evident example for application of smart house, builders now offer buyers a kind of "instruction on exploitation". Designers, in co-authorship with designers, develop develop the variants of the optimal use of space of smart housing. That is, in addition to the keys to the new apartment, you can still get a visual example of how to place furniture. Such a number of advantages makes the Ukrainians gradually move away from the standard idea of ​​their home. Changes in the economy and values move demand.Therefore, experts predict that the smart apartment boom has just begun and it is expected that such housing options will eventually occupy a significant share in the real estate market throughout Ukraine.