Secret of popularity of smart housing in Ivano-Frankivsk

Recently, a large part of people in Frankivsk did not suspect the existence of smart-housing, and now it is actively discussed and bought.

The reason for this is a number of factors, which in our time become important for the average Ukrainian. Purchasing such an apartment, a proprietor gets the absolutely new comfort ergonomics format for organization of living space. Such result architects achieve by the use of modern conceptions of the clever zoning of the apartments which allow to provide maximal functionality of each square meter. As a result, the research of the analytical center "Blago" shows a stable positive dynamics of the purchase of smart-housing among the inhabiants of Ivano-Frankivsk.    The secret of success of smart-apartments is following:      

 Compact and carefully thought out planning – this is one of the secrets. When buying a smart-apartment, you do not pay for extra square meters and at an area of 40 square meter, you get a kitchen,a living room and a bedroom, that is functional two-room apartment;          - It is much easier to heat an apartment with a small area than big one. Smart-apartment has a functional of two-room apartment, but an area of ​​one-room. There are many deaf zones in the two-room apartment which are not used, but are heated. Therefore due to a compactness and use of all zones the proprietors of smart- apartments substantially save on monthly utility bills, but not on a comfort and functionality of accommodation;

-Today put into exploitation, and in a month got in already. Due to the absence of walls, this type of housing can be cheap and quickly prepared for living;              

- Smart- an apartment seems large! It has an area of one-room apartment, but it is visually increased by the absence of walls and panoramic windows. This makes it comfortable and creates a sense of space and convenience of a large apartment.                                 Who are they, today's smart-apartment owners?

    Among buyers of such apartments are often the pragmatists who are attracted to the rationality of the use of space and funds.On the one hand, they receive comfortable and economically profitable housing, and on the other - an investment instrument. Smart-apartments are usually sold in modern residential areas, where the cost per square meter will only increase. Also this housing  in the future can be successfully leased and earn a significant income.

    This format of housing has a high demand among contemporary and creative youth, as well as young families. They are attracted by compactness, functionality and low cost. Freedom of planning and energy efficiency of such dwellings is also a significant advantage for them.          

      Smart-apartments are an advantageous alternative for  the inhabiants of Ivano-Frankivsk, who rent a home. Due to a small area and a absence of walls, such housing can be prepared in a short space of time for living, and the possibility of deregulation and low cost considerably eases the financial burden.                                                                                          

         Smart-apartments - is a modern and very promising format of housing, which has won the real estate market of millions of cities long time ago. Today, the inhabiants of Ivano-Frankivsk also got a unique opportunity to buy a modern and comfortable smart-apartment. These apartments are available in the "Manhattan" residential complex.