Analytic geometry of demand on smart-apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk in 2017.

The market of the primary real estate in Ukraine in 2017 year was remembered by the growth in demand for smart apartments.

About 30% of Ukrainian buyers are interested in such a proposal and consider the possibility of buying small-sized housing.  What is the situation in Ivano-Frankivsk region was found out by the Analytical center Blago.

For the last time, the buyer in Frankivsk  became more practical in the choice of the new dwelling. Considerable attention is now paid to the infrastructure of both residential complex and the very neighborhood.   Also they consider the size of future utility costs. So for the last year the percentage of requests for acquisition of the smart-apartment has increased.

The fact that in ‎2016-2017, the incomes of Ukrainians in hryvnia increased in average by 20%, greatly contributed to this tendency. Previously, 1-room apartments of 50 square meters  and 3-room - from 100 sq. m. were the most demanded,and today the investor from Prykarpattya chooses the accommodation of considerably smaller sizes.

According to the estimations of specialists,the most comfortable accommodation is one-bedroom apartments of 40 square meters. m., and two-room - 55 sq. m. m. The price of one meter of such real estate in Ivano-Frankivsk is about 11 thousand to 15 thousand hryvnia, and the average total cost of smart housing varies from 11 thousand to 25 thousand$.Usually, it becomes the first home for a newly formed family or a young, independent person.  This housing format can now be bought in the modern district of Manhattan.

Implicitly, the tendency to reduce the area of housing in Ivano-Frankivsk over the past year is a consequence of the economic situation in the country.  Citizens' incomes, high utility costs and an unstable economy provoked demand for apartments with the optimal area. Developers have to take into account the wishes and possibilities of the investor. Experts predict that future demand for smart-apartments will only grow. And this format of ergonomic housing will become even more popular.