Smart apartments - comfortable, profitable, functional

For the last year at the market of the primary real estate the demand for a smart apartment has grown significantly. This tendency was saved until now.

The analytical center of the construction company "Blago" explains this by the fact that compact apartments have a number of advantages, comparatively with a classic accommodation. In addition, because of the sharp increase in tariffs on building services, the maintenance of large homes began too expensive.

The market of the real estate of cities-millionaires has already adapted to the new needs of buyers and can offer them a range of residential complexes in which smart-housing can be purchased.In the real estate market of Prykarpattya, the first residential complex has recently appeared, which offers such a format of housing. A smart-apartment can be purchased exceptionally in the modern housing district of “Manhattan”.  And now let's investigate why smart-apartments are comfortable, profitable and functional.


Smart apartments have a functionally well-planned living space. It will provide the owners with the most comfortable living conditions in a certain area.  Also, the visual size of a home is important enough for a comfortable stay.  To live in an apartment without the sufficient amount of natural illumination, where the walls simply put pressure on the owners, is uncomfortable. The owners of one-room apartments often encounter this problem. Though smart-apartments have an area of one-room, however, it visually increases the lack of walls, and panoramic windows provide the necessary amount of natural light. It makes it comfortable and creates a sense of space and amenities of a large apartment.


It is much easier to heat an apartment with a small area than bigger one. Smart-apartment has a functional two-room apartment, but an area of one-room.  In the two-room there are many deaf zones, which are not used, but are heated. Therefore, due to a compactness and use of all zones, smart-apartment owners save on utility bills, but not on the comfort and functionality of their accommodation. But this savings do not end there. Repair and arrangement of smart- apartments do not need significant expenses. Due to the smaller number of walls and the lack of interior partitions, less material is used. Smart-apartment can be cheap and quickly prepared for living.


Compact and thoughtful planning is one of the secrets of the success of smart-apartments. Thanks to the use of modern living space management concepts, architects maximally use each square meter and create functional and comfortable smart-apartment planning. When you buy a smart-apartment of 40 square meters, you get a kitchen, living room and bedroom, that is, a functional two-room apartment.

Enumerating all advantages, we understand that a smart- apartment is a modern, comfort, advantageous and more functional alternative to the one-room apartment.  

In addition, construction companies committed to implementing smart-apartment projects are paying a lot of attention to infrastructure development. A striking example in Ivano-Frankivsk is the modern residential area "Manhattan", and its advantage is both smart housing and well-designed infrastructure.  In addition to smart-apartments, in a district it is possible to purchase apartments with the classic planning.