The leader in real estate sales is two-bedroom Smart apartments.

Trend for smart housing has conquered the Ukrainian real estate market in the nearest 2016 year. And already 2017th became a turning point in the construction industry for Ivano-Frankivsk, in connection with the appearance of a modern residential area of Manhattan. This residential complex enlisted the people of Ivano-Frankivsk completely new brand of the housing format for this area - smart-apartments.

Developers are now offering to the potential clients two variants of smart apartments - one and two-bedroom. Taking into account economic and social factors, this type of the real estate quickly found its buyer. In the classic sense smart apartment provides compact, the most thoughtful use of a small space.  Maximization of each meter is created by organizing space when designing a home, using modular furniture and innovative interior design.  This accommodation is ideal for students, creative people, bachelors, young families and pensioners. 

However, recent researches confirm the growth in demand on two-room smart apartments. The details were analyzed by the analytical center of the construction company "Blago". In Ivano-Frankivsk, there is a positive demographic situation, indicating a stable birth rate, and, consequently, the number of young families is growing rapidly. People who have a child need more space for themselves and for their children.

Therefore, when choosing an apartment, such people are guided not only by the price, but also by the optimal space for the living for all members of the family. The most attractive from the perspective of price-quality-comfort was the smart two bedroom apartment, which area reaches 62 square meters. The advantages of this housing is the perfection of planning of each square meter, ergonomics interior design, savings on utility payments.

At the construction stage, the owners have the opportunity to redevelop the space to their own taste and discretion. Another "trick" is the large panoramic windows which perform not only an aesthetic function, but also serve as a source of lighting and heat rooms. The absence of deaf zones, long corridors, non-practical attics allows you to pay only for useful meters and save on rent in the future.

Storage of carriages, light carts, sledges and bicycles has its own interesting decision.  For example, in a residential area of Manhattan on the ground floor, a separate room is allocated, access to which will have exclusively inhabitants of the house. Two-room smart apartments have become a profitable investment for businessmen who are planning to rent out.  To buy a smart apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk will cost 12-14 thousand UAH per square meter.

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