Modern apartments.

Functional approaches to living space planning.

Individual planning is a new phrase in the construction of our city residential complexes. Modern architectural practice is a personal approach to the needs of each person, his tastes and preferences. More information about new functional approaches to planning and organization of space was reported by the Analytical Center of the construction company "Blago".

It’s not a problem for a specialist to elaborate building planning. However, in order to maximize demand and attract a buyer, architects must not only rely on their own vision, but also take into account the wishes of their client. Such person-orientation helps to create a constructive dialogue between a buyer and a developer, which guarantees the confidence of both parties in the end result. Thus, at the stage of modern housing construction, a buyer can make changes in the planning of his home, adjust the internal area of the rooms at his own discretion. This humane practice displaces the patterned space modeling, opens up new opportunities for creating a unique, exclusive style of living, transforming the process into art. Upon completion, the designer works on zoning the rooms.

The priority task at this stage is the functionality and comfort, ergonomics of design, which is to create a well-thought out interior plan, fully oriented to the owner. In the apartment there are at least four zones: a "sleeping area", a "work area", a living room and a kitchen. Also important role is given to the illumination of the premises, the lighting accents of the living room are different from the lighting of the kitchen or bedroom.

Modern functional apartments you can buy in Ivano-Frankivsk in the Manhattan District. 

The modern apartment is a philosophy that is celebrated by leading experts in the field of architecture and design. Relaxation and simplicity, harmony and functionality, comfort and cosiness in every detail – this is an incomplete list of features of contemporary space planning. The main task of the modern dwelling is to reflect the inner world of a person, his character, and rhythm of life.