What real estate trends are expected in Ivano-Frankivsk in future

Trends in the real estate market are changing every year.The last researches show the personal interest of investors in housing and commerce in the central part of the city.

If the life in the heart of Frankivsk will be really a trend what advantages are waiting for the proprietors of such real estate told the Analytical Center of the construction company "Blago".

Trend 1. Life in the center.

The peculiarity of the central part of the city is cultural and entertainment, educational and commercial potential. The main assets and capacities that affect the development of other neighborhoods are concentrated here.Young people, active and purposeful people always want to settle in the center or nearby.In the nearest future in Ivano-Frankivsk will continue to build the grandiose construction projects with smart housing, exclusive penthouses and apartments with terraces. People will appreciate organization, energy efficiency, functional use of space, safety, quality, environmental friendliness. New buildings in the central part of the city will be built of business and elite class.

Advantages of life in the center:  

Convenience and comfort (in the center of the city there are commercial and educational institutions).

Unity with nature (parks, squares, alleys in the center will be a great option for family holidays, and lovers of entertainment will taste a walk on the "sotka", which has long been famous as a meeting place for friends.

In the heart of events (celebrations, concerts and other festive events take place in the center).

Gastronomic boom (restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, confectioneries - an incomplete list of places catering, attracting tourists and the inhabitants of the city themselves to cozy halls or loud celebrations).

Center always was and it will remain a magnetic mestome, where active and brave people aim to live, with the stormy rhythm of life and great plans for the future.

Trend 2. Quality of construction and energy-efficient technologies.
Quality requirements will increase even more. Future housing will be as energy-efficient as possible with minimal heat loss and minimal influence on the environment.
Buildings will be built on the monolithic frame technology, the external walls of the ceramic block, and the insulation with high quality mineral wool. More residential complexes will have their own boiler houses, alternative energy sources will be installed. 
High quality concerns both exterior facades and panoramic windows, which will give more daylight in an apartment and especially beautifully create a comfort in dwellings. The introduction of smart technologies will be not only for the organization of living space, but also the setting and management of comfort in the home - people will move to "intelligent buildings".

Trend 3. Security.

High-quality protected yards of residential complexes, separate technologies of protection and notification of the security system will create maximum comfort for residents and peace of mind for children.

Trend 4. Infrastructure. Own parking space
Education, sports, food, shopping, entertainment, rest ..- all this will become more accessible and easier without extra time. Remaining pleasure of comfort and more moments with your relatives. Own parking lots will unload the yard, and sports and entertaining children's playgrounds will become even more fun and interesting.

Trend 5. Environmentally safe
Quality building materials will increase the standard of living. Preserving the naturalness of the territory and landscape design with trees, flowers, parks and avenues will add beauty and pleasure from nature in every day, and the unbelievable  views from windows and terraces, many daylight in the homes will emphasize the quality of life.