Smart-apartments in Ivano-Frankivsk

An important role in the development of modern construction of Ivano-Frankivsk was played by the acquaintance of the habitants of Ivano-Frankivsk with a new type of housing - smart apartments.

As it was noted by the Analytical Center of the construction company "Blago", this type of real estate is significantly different from ordinary apartments in new buildings and has many advantages.

The basic principle of "smart apartments" is the reorganization of the living space, the rational use of all space, increase the functionality and convenience of the apartment. For the realization of ideas the latest European technologies, building materials of the best quality are involved, and modern architectural solutions have been introduced.

Science of Space Planning.

For the improvement of quality of life, planning of smart-apartments is careful thought out after the idea of "useful area". Specialists have thought over the plan in such a way that every square meter of the apartment is as functional as possible. Accordingly space with deadlocks and non-working area will be minimized. This will help in the future  to decrease expenses on maintenance of apartment and allows not to overpay for additional square meters.  Also, there is an accessible option of the free planning in the district of Manhattan. The designers of the developer can design the individual apartment planning on client's request.

Quality and comfort.

Residential complexes with smart-apartments are being built in accordance with European standards, with the use of high-quality building materials. The reliable heating systems, elite window and door constructions, will serve as additional advantage in creation of cosiness and comfort. In the houses of the residential district will be located a special room for storing sports equipment, baby-carriages, bicycles, etc. This will solve the problem of occupancy of apartments by dimensional things.

Exterior and infrastructure.
Manhattan combines not only the perfect look, but also the advantageous location of the district's buildings, a reasonable space organization and well-developed infrastructure. 

Implementation of the idea of ​​"yard without cars" is possible due to multi-level external parking, which in turn is safety and environmental friendliness of the residential area.

On the territory of the district there will be children's playgrounds, sports grounds, various catering establishments, bicycle infrastructure, fitness centers, nearby are gardens, a school, a park and a city lake. The location of the complex in the Central part will allow everybody quickly and comfortably to get to any area of ​​the city.

Buying a smart- apartment in Ivano-Frankivsk is possible in a housing complex Manhattan from a building company "Blago".