A district of "Manhattan" is a housing complex that has attracted many people! What is its feature?

Often when buying a home, it's difficult for buyers to make the right decision and there are many questions. What apartment to buy, in what area, which builder to choose, what are the advantages of this or that residential complex? If you get a detailed look at the real estate market in Ivano-Frankivsk, then it turns out that the choice is significant. However most of the projects are similar and do not differ much from each other.

Now the construction of the modern Manhattan district in Ivano-Frankivsk is going on and this housing complex  announced  about itself quite loudly two years ago. The construction company "Blago", which has been working for many years in the real estate market of our city, is implementing it into life.It has established itself as a reliable, professional builder-innovator. After reviewing more detailed information about the project, it becomes clear that it really worthy of attention. Manhattan is a modern residential area located close to the city centre (8 min from the center) and the city lake (3 min) and accordingly near the secondary school №23 (5 min).  In general, the location is very convenient for all age groups of people.

About residential complex.

The Manhattan District will consist of 14 buildings, each of which will have from 10 to 14 floors. The buildings are designed in Loft style, and adherence to the concepts of Eco Building and Smart City. These concepts assume the use of modern technology to improve the quality of life of area residents and the high standards of ecological building materials.  Did not forget here about energy efficiency and modern apartment planning standards. Theoretically,  from the technical point of view, everything that was mentioned above  is praiseworthy!

House №4 of the modern district of Manhattan will refer to the Elite class. On the upper floors will be located penthouses with terraces. There will also be two luxury Loft-style designed halls in the house and a  room to store baby carriages and sports equipment. 

Well, and the most interesting! Smart-apartments and townhouse is a unique for Ivano-Frankivsk housing format.

Smart-apartment is a studio-style flat with a small area (from 40 sq.m.), there are no deaf zones and each square meter is maximally functional. Smart-apartment has a kitchen, living room and bedroom, that is, with a one-bedroom apartment you get a functional two-room apartment. This format of habitation is extraordinarily popular in our time. Cities - millionaires is a striking example of it. The reason is the golden mean between functionality and economy. A small square allows you to save on acquisition, resettlement and utility bills, and the most popular functional areas of bedroom, living room and kitchen provides comfortable accommodation.

Townhouse is an intermediate variant between an apartment house and private cottage. The format of such apartment provides a residence in the house of several families,where everybody has the private entrance from a street, small personal (private) plot of land and garage.  In addition to Smart-apartments and Townhouses in the district there will be classical one-room, two-room, three-room apartments and apartments with terraces and penthouses.


In this aspect of the district “Manhattan” also has something to boast of. The district will have a children's preschool establishment, which can simultaneously accept up to 200 children. This will be a significant advantage for young parents. A significant area building company "Blago" plans to allocate to commercial real estate development. This will allow to place on the territory of the residential complex chain stores, pharmacies, public dining establishments, sports club, and the architectural Studio. Everything that you need according to the Builder will always be alongside. A significant number of compliments you need to give the architects of the district because they have taken into account the trend that has covered the whole of Ukraine, and allocated the territory for multifunctional sports field, running and bicycle paths. In Manhattan area, there will also be a charging station for electric cars. At the moment, this is far from being a top priority, but in the future many people will not live without it and for several days.

Precinct territory

Private yard is a favorite place! This is the concept of the Manhattan district official website. You can be sure of this with the help of another novelty - 3d tour.You can familiarize yourself with it on the site http://mymanhattan.com.ua/uk/tour - Internet links to the 3d tour of the residential complex.

Watching the 3D Tour you definitely pay attention to large spacious yard!Surprisingly, nobody was trying to maximize the area, maximize the number of apartments and leave people a few wooden benches and a small playground for children.

Captures modern and moreover beautiful landscape design. There is plenty of space for communication, relaxing, walking and going in for sports, and there is no space for car parking. Thanks to the exterior multi-level parking, the company "Blago" plans to solve the problem with a lot of chaotically parked cars that overwhe.

For the smallest inhabitants there is a children's playground.It, according to information, will be unique to Western Ukraine and will meet the European standards for child's safety and development.  For all other residents on the territory of the residential complex will accommodate multifunctional sports field, where you can play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and  other most popular kinds of sports games.  

And all this will be under the close supervision of the security service, which will be assisted by an access control and video surveillance system.The concept of own yard - a favorite place is observed. Therefore, you can bravely put 5+ to the construction company "Blago".


Manhattan is a unique project for Ivano-Frankivsk, which qualitatively stands out among all others. It has a number of advantages that can provide the most comfortable living conditions.