The impact of the exchange rate on the real estate market!!!

Today, the dollar has increased in comparison with the last quarter and amounted to 27.9 hryvnia.This, in turn, influenced the position of the Ukrainian hryvnia against the American dollar. What should Ukrainians expect to the end of the year and how will the course affect the real estate market?

Future exchange rate changes will depend on such factors as credits from IMF, election campaign and policy of the National Bank of Ukraine.Unevenity and leap intrinsic to the national currency in the last quarter of the year 2018. Experts in the field of banking analytic geometry and economics forecast the increase of course to 30,2. Today, in the state budget, the average annual exchange rate is set at UAH 29.2.

The real estate market should increase the cost of square meters, to make a profit. Because of the  devaluation of the hryvnia caused the rising cost of imported goods, fuel, energy and building materials.

The rapid increase in the cost of apartments in new buildings is not expected.  It will give an opportunity to the investors to increase the duration of the purchase period of apartments. In order to avoid difficult situations, developers offer their clients a zero-interest rotation program and exchange programs for old apartments to new ones.

In order not to overpay in the future, experts advise not to delay the purchase of an apartment and buy it to the moment of increasing the exchange rate.

In addition, an apartment is a reliable method  to invest and save your funds.At the stage of foundation pit, the cost per square meter is minimal. After the house is put into exploitation, the price increases by 30%.Additional passive income can bring a new apartment for rent. This will increase the family budget by an average of UAH 5,000 per month.

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