Create the apartment of your dreams!

One of the advantages of a modern district of Manhattan is the option of individual planning.This option is accessible due to the monolithic frame construction technology, which is currently the most optimal method for building multi-storied buildings.

The application of this technology allows you to put into practice almost any architectural ideas, and the free space of apartments can be easily transformed. Buyers have the opportunity to make their adjustments to the plan and to change it absolutely free of charge until the beginning of the masonry of interior walls on the floor where their apartment is located. For this purpose it is enough to appeal to the office of the sales department.This option is available for all future residents of the Manhattan residential area!

We will help you to enlarge the living room by reducing the corridor or vice versa, adding another room by way of zoning the living space. It's all real! Many buyers have already expressed a desire to change their apartment.We will help you to create an apartment of your dream!

Construction company "Blago" actively applies the technology of monolithic frame construction. Therefore, the option of free planning of apartments is already accessible in many residential complexes, which are built by a developer.  

Sales department of the "Blago" construction company is located at: Ivano-Frankivsk city, st. Konovalets, 35.